Moonglow Benny Goodman (#1 in 1934, #8 in 1936), Duke Ellington (#2 in 1934), Cab Calloway (#7 in 1934),
Glen Gray (#8 in 1934), George Cates & His Orchestra (#4 in 1956), Morris Stoloff & His Orchestra (#1 in 1956)

It must have been Moonglow,
Way up in the blue,
It must have been Moonglow
That led me straight to you;

I still hear you saying
"Dear one, hold me fast."
And I start in praying
Oh Lord, please let this last.

We seemed to float right thru the air,
Heavenly songs
Seemed to come from everywhere;

And now when there's Moonglow
Way up in the blue,
I always remember
That Moonglow gave me you.