You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby Johnny Mercer, Harry Warren, Bing Crosby (#1 in 1938), Tommy Dorsey (#8 in 1938),
Bobby Darin (#5 in 1961), The Dave Clark Five (#35 in 1967)

    You must have been a beautiful baby
    You must have been a wonderful child
    When you were only starting
    To go to kindergarten
    I bet you drove
    The little boys wild.

    And when it came
    To winning blue ribboms
    You must have shown the other kids how.
    I can see the judges’ eyes
    As they handed you the prize
    You must have made the cutest bow.
    You must’ve been
    A beautiful baby
    Cause baby
    Look at you now.

Does your mother realize
The stork delivered quite a prize
The day he left you
On the family tree?
Does your dad appreciate
That you’re merely supergreat
The miracle of any century?
If they don’t just send
Them both to me.

Harry Warren was already the seasoned pro and Johnny Mercer merely the wunderkind around the
studios when Warner Brothers paired them up in the busy year of 1938 to write this song.