What Would You Do? Kander and Ebb, Cabaret

With the time rushing by,
What would you do?
With the clock running down,
What would you do?

The young always have the cure:
Being brave, being sure and free.
But imagine if you were me.
Alone like me
And this is the only world I know
Some rooms to let,
To some other lifetime, even so.

I'll take your advice,
What would you do?
Would you pay the price,
What would you do?

Suppose simply keeping still,
Means you managed until the end.
What would you do,
My brave, young friend?

Grown old like me,
With neither there'll be no wish to run.
Grown tired like me,
For her is forbid when day is done
Grown wise like me,
Who isn't in war with anyone?
Not anyone!

With the storm in the wind,
What would you do?
Suppose you are unafraid and wise,
Being told what the choice must be.

Go on, tell me...

I will listen...

What would you do?...

If you were me!