Wanted Music and Lyrics by Lois Steele and Jack Fulton, Perry Como (#1 in 1954)

someone who kissed me,
and held me closely,
then stole my heart!
someone I trusted,
who gave no warning,
( that ) we’d ever part!
She was last seen,
hiding out in someone’s arms,
he knew nothing,
of the danger in her charms!
A jury,
may find her guilty,
but I’d forgive her,
if I could see,
a signed confession,
that she’s repented,
and really wanted no one but me!

In 1943, one-time barber Perry Como launched his solo singing career, and the one-time crooner and trombonist Jack Fulton started writing songs. Their paths crossed some years later when "Wanted", a Fulton song that Perry recorded and made one of the big hits of 1954. An intriguing feature of this pretty performance by Perry is the way his voice seems to float over the gentle shuffle rhythm in the background.