Trying To Get the Feeling Again Barry Manilow

Doctor, my woman is comin’ back home late today
Coudja maybe give me somethin’ ?
‘cause the feeling is gone and I must get it back right away
Before she sees that
    I’ve been up, down, tryin’ to get the feeling again
    All around, tryin’ to get the feeling again
    The one that made me shiver
    Made my knees start to quiver
    Every time she walked in

And I’ve looked high (high), low (low)
Everywhere I possibly can (high)
But there’s no (no) tryin’ to get the feelin’ again
It seemed to disappear as fast as it came
Where did it run to? I thought I’d done all that I could
Just to keep the love light burnin’
But whatever I’ve done, guess I just haven’t done it too good
‘cause all that’s left is
   Chorus  2x