They Call the Wind Mariah Lerner and Loewe, Paint Your Wagon, The Kingston Trio

Way out here they have a name for wind and rain and fire
The rain is Tess , the fire’s Joe, and they call the wind Mariah
Mariah blows the stars around, sets the clouds a’flyin
Mariah makes the mountains sound like folks were up their dying
    Mar-i-ah, (Mar-i-ah), Mariah ! (Mariah), they call the wind Mar-i-ah
    Mar-i-ah, Mariah, Mariah
    They call the wind Mar-i-ah.

Before I know Mariah's name and heard her wail and whinning
I had a girl and she had me the sun was always shinning
But then one day I left my girl  I left her behind me
and now I'm lost so Gol darn lost  not even God can find me 
Out here they got a name for rain for wind and fire only
When you’re lost and all alone there ain’t no name for lonely
I’m a lost and lonely man without a star to guide me
Mariah, blow my love to me, I need my gal beside me 
From the Kingston Trio's 1959 LP "From the Hungry"