The Sheik of Araby  The Sheik of Araby - Bb
By Harry Beasly Smith, Ted Snyder, Francis Wheeler. Dixieland Standard.

I'm the Sheik of Araby,
Your love belongs to me.
At night when you're asleep, into your tent I'll creep.

The stars that shine above, will light our way to love.
You'll rule this land with me,
The Sheik of Araby.

additional Spike Jones lyrics:

Oh, I'm the Sheik of Araby
And all the women worship me.
You should see them follow me around. Not bad.
Even wives of all the other sheiks,
They beg to kiss my rosy cheeks
And that ain't bad -- in fact, that's good, I've found. I'm a cad!
When I lay down to sleep
I'm counting girls instead of sheep
From my harem I can't scare 'em out. Why should I?
They're beauties from all races,
And some have pretty faces.
I'm the Sheik who knows what love is all about.