Personality Johnny Burke, Jimmy Van Heusen, Bing Crosby (#9 in 1946),
Johnny Mercer (#1 in 1946), Dinah Shore (#10 in 1946)

When Madame Pompadour was on the ballroom floor,
Said all the gentlemen, obviously, the madame has the cutest personality.

And think of all the books about Du Barry’s looks,
What was it made her the toast of Paree?
She had a well-developed personality.

And what did Romeo see in Juliet or Hero in Perriet, or Jupiter in Juno? you know!
Or when Salome danced and had the boys entranced,
No doubt it must have been easy to see
That she knew how to use her personality.

Originally made famous by: Dorothy Lamour in The Road To Utopia  1946
Pearl Bailey, Bing Crosby
Johnny Mercer (who did NOT write this one, he only had a hit with it)