Once In Love With Amy  With UKULELE Chords Frank Loesser, Where's Charly?, Ray Bolger, Dean Martin

I caught you, sir, having a look at her
As she went strolling by.
Now, didn't your heart beat
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
And didn't you sigh a sigh?
I warn you, sir, don't start to dream of her.
Just bid such thoughts be gone
Or it'll be boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,
Boom, boom, boom, boom from then on, for
Once In Love With Amy,
Always in love with Amy,
Ever and ever fascinated by 'er,
Sets your heart afire to stay.
Once you're kissed by Amy
Tear up your list, it's Amy.
Ply her with bon bons, poetry and flowers,
Moon a million hours away.
You might be quite the fickle-hearted rover,
So carefree and bold,
Who loves a girl and later thinks it over
And just quits cold,
But once in love with Amy,
Always in love with Amy.
Ever and ever sweetly you'll romance'er.
Trouble is, the answer will be
That Amy'd rather stay in love with me.