On And On Stephen Bishop (#11 in 1977)

C                 Am7                                 C       Am7
Down in Jamaica / They got lots of pretty women
C                     Am7                                  Dm7                 F/G
Steal your money / Then they break your heart
C                     Am7                    C                         Am7
Lonesome Sue, she's in love with ol' Sam
Dm7                         F/G                             C           A7sus
Take him from the fire into the frying pan

    A7             Dm7                    F/G
On and on / She just keeps on trying
CM7                                                   A7sus        A7
And she smiles when she feels like crying
Dm7                                   F/G                  C
On and on, on and on, on and on

Poor ol' Jimmy / Sits alone in the moonlight
Saw his woman kiss another man / So he takes a ladder
Steals the stars from the sky / Puts on Sinatra and starts to cry    Chorus

                       FM7                          Em7                             Dm7              F/G                 CM7
When the first time is the last time / It can make you feel so bad
                       FM7                    Em7      Am7     D9                        FM7/G                                    C    Am7
But if you know it, show it / Hold on tight  / Don't let her say goodnight

Got the sun on my shoulders / And my toes in the sand
My woman's left me for the some other man
Aw, but I don't care / I'll just dream and stay tan
Toss up my heart to see where it lands    Chorus

On and on, on and on, on and on
On and on, on and on, on and on