The Man on the Flying Trapeze   Traditional Sing-a-long, Gay 90's

Once I was happy but now I'm forlorn,
Like an old coat that is tatter'd and torn.
I'm left in this wide world to fret and to mourn,
Betrayed by a maid in her teens.

Oh this girl that I loved, she was handsome,
And I tried all I knew, her to please.
But I never could please her a quarter as well
As the man on the flying trapeze,

    Oh, He floats thru the air with the greatest of ease,
    The daring young man on the flying trapeze,
    His actions are graceful, all girls he does please,
    And my love he has stolen away.

This man he was known as a heart-breaking guy,
Ladies would look up to him with a sigh.
My sweetheart, she saw him and told me "goodbye",
Her heart flew to him like a breeze.

So I knew that my love dream was over,
I was there when he smiled at my love.
Then she winked back at him and she shouted "Bravo!"
As he hung by his nose from above,  Chorus