Mi Casa, Su Casa ( My House is Your House )                          Perry Como, 1957

Mi casa, su case,
my house is your house,
welcome to my hacienda!
Mi casa, su casa,
my home is your home,
I’ll give you love warm and tender!
My house is nothing more,
than windows and a door,
and a roof that will keep out the rain!
The day you say you’re mine,
my humble house will shine,
just like a castle in Spain!
Mi casa, su case,
my house is your house,
let’s plan the future together!
Tell me, oh tell me,
that your heart is my heart,
and I will love you forever!

Music and Lyrics by Al Hoffman  and Dick Manning
It's a graceful Latin custom for a Host to say, "Mi casa, su casa," when a guest enters his home. It means, "My house is your house," and is the sincerest form of welcome the host knows. Al Hoffman and Dick Manning came up with this sweet song, which Mr. C. made his own with this winsome, completely sincere performance.