Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis  
Judy Garland, from Meet Me In St. Louis, Geography

When Louis came home to the flat,
He hung up his coat and his hat,
He gazed all around
But no wifey he found
So he said "Where can Flossy be at"
A note on the table he spied
He read it just once then he cried
It read 'Louis dear it's too slow for me here
So I think I will go for a ride -

    Meet me in St. Louis, Louis
    Meet me at the fair,
    Don't tell me the lights are shining
    Any place but there
    We will dance the hoochie koochie
    I will be your tootsie wootsie
    If you will meet me in st. Louis, Louis,
    Meet me at the fair

The dresses that hung in the hall,
We're gone, she had taken them all,
She took all his rings and the rest of his things;
The pictures he missed from the wall.
"What! moving!" the janitor said,
"Your rent is paid three months ahead!"
"What good is the flat?" said poor Louis, "Read that."
And the janitor smiled as he read. (Chorus)