Mary's a Grand Old Name   George M. Cohan (1905)

   For it is Ma-ry, Ma-ry, plain as an-y name can be;
   But with pro-pri-e-ty, so-ci-e-ty will say ma-rie.
   But it was Ma-ry, ma-ry, long be-fore the fash-ions came;
   And there is some-thing there, that sounds so fair,
   It's a grand old name.

My Mo-ther's name was Ma-ry, She was so good and true;
Because her name was Ma-ry, she called me Ma-ry, too.
She was-n't gay or air-y, but plain as she could be;
I'd hate to be con-tra-ry, and my-self Ma-rie...

Now, when her name is Ma-ry, there is no false-ness there;
When to Ma-rie she'll va-ry, she'll sure-ly bleach her hair.
Though Ma-ry's or-din-ar-y, Ma-rie is fair to see;
Don't ev-er fear sweet Ma-ry, be-ware of sweet Ma-rie!