Mam'selle 1947 Artists: Frank Sinatra (#1), Art Lund (#1), The Pied Pipers (#3),
Dick Haymes (#3), Ray Dorey (#7), Dennis Day (#8)

It was Montmarte, It was midnight
Come to think of it, it was spring.
There was music, I was list'ning
Then in the room somewhere
Someone began to sing this serenade made for remembering:

A small cafe Mam'selle
Our rendezvous, Mam'selle
The violins were warm and sweet and so were you, Mam'selle
And as the night danced by, a kiss became a sigh
Your lovely eyes seemed to sparkle just like wine does
No heart ever yearned the way that mine does for you.
And yet I know too well, someday you'll say "Goodbye"
Then violins will cry and so will I, Mam'selle.