Make Love To Me Jo Stafford (#1 in 1954), June Christy, Ann-Margret

Take me in your arms and never let me go
Whisper to me softly while the moon is low
Hold me close and tell me what I want to know
Say it to me gently let the sweet talk flow
Come a little closer, Make Love To Me!

Kiss me once again before you say good night
Take me in your lovin' arms and squeeze me tight
Put me in a mood so I can dream all night
Ev'rybody's sleepin' so it's quite all right
Come a little closer, Make Love To Me!

    When you're near, so help me dear, chills run up my spine;
    Don't you know I love you so, I won't be happy until you're mine.

When I'm in your arms you give my heart a treat
Ev'rything about you is so doggone sweet.
Ev'ry time we kiss you make my life complete
Baby doll you know you swept me off my feet
Now's the time to tell you, Make Love To Me!