Looks Like We Made It  Original Key - C / Db  Lower key - A / Bb
Richard Kerr and Will Jennings, Barry Manilow (#1 in 1977)

There you are
Lookin' just the same as you did,
Last time I touched you
And, here I am
Close to gettin' tangled up
Inside the thought of you
Do you love him as much as I love her
And will that love be strong
When old feelings start to stir 

    Looks like we made it
    Left each other on the way, to another love
    Looks like we made it or I thought so, till today
    Until you were there everywhere
    And all I could taste was love the way we made it

Love's so strange
Playin' hide and seek, with hearts and always hurtin'
And we're the fools
Standin' close enough to touch
Those burnin' memories
And if I hold you
For the sake of all those times
love made us lose our minds
Could I ever let you go