Look to the Rainbow 
Finians Rainbow, Barry Manilow

On the day that I was born said my father said he
I’ve an elegant legacy waiting for yee
Tis a rhyme for you lips and a song for your heart
To sing it whenever the world falls apart
    Look, look , look to the rainbow
    Follow it over the hill and stream
    Look look look to the rainbow
    Follow the fellow who follows the dream

Twas a sumptuos gift to bequeath to a child
The lure of that song kept her feet running wild
For you never grow old and you never stand still
With whimper we’re singing beyond the next hill
So I pondered my heart and I roamed the world free
To the east with the lark to the west with the sea
And I searched all the earth and I scanned all the skies
Till I found it at last in my own true love’s eyes