Linda Jack Lawrence (Linda McCartney's father), Ray Noble with Buddy Clark (#1 in 1947),
Charlie Spivak (#5 in 1947), Paul Weston (#8 in 1947)

    The story is simple; the girl has a dimple
    The guy is as shy as can be.
    Now she doesn't know it, for he doesn't show it
    But he loves her secretly.
    Night and day, here's all he can say:

When I go to sleep, I never count sheep,
I count all the charms about Linda.
And lately it seems in all of my dreams
I walk with my arms about Linda.

But what good does it do me, for Linda doesn't know I exist?
Can't help feelin' gloomy, think of all the lovin' I've missed.

We pass on the street, my heart skips a beat,
I say to myself "Hello, Linda".
If only she'd smile, I'd stop for a while,
And then I would get to know Linda.
But miracles still happen, and when my lucky star begins to shine,
With one lucky break, I'll make Linda mine.