La-La Means I Love You Laura Nyro, The Delfonics (#4 in 1968), Manhattan Transfer

Many loves have come to you
With a line that wasn’t true
And then you passed them by, (passed them by)
While you’re in the center ring,
And their lines don’t mean a thing,
Why don’t you let me try? (let me try)
I don’t have a diamond ring
I don’t even know what song to sing,
    All I know is
    La la la la la la la la la
    Means I love you  (Repeat) 

If there ever was a love
That I needed in this world
You are the one for me (one for me)
Let me hold you in my arms / Thrill you with my charms
Darling, then you’ll see, (you will see)
The things that I’m saying are true
And the way I’ll explain them to you
Listen to me, 
Things I am saying are true
And the way I explain it to you
Yes to you,  Listen to me, 
(Repeat, etc.)