Jingle Jangle Jingle Key of Eb   Key of G - Guitar Frank Loesser, Kay Kayser (#1 in 1942), Gene Autry, The Merry Macs (#4 in 1944)

    I got spurs that Jingle Jangle Jingle
    As I go riding merrily along
    And they sing "Oh, ain't you glad you're single?"
    And that song ain't so very far from wrong.

Oh Lillie Belle, Oh Lillie Belle, Lillie Belle,
Though I may have done some foolin'
This is why I never fell.   Chorus.

Oh Mary Anne, Oh Mary Anne, Mary Anne
Though we done some moonlight walkin'
This is why I up and ran.  Chorus.

Oh Sally Jane, Oh Sally Jane, Sally Jane,
Though I'd love to stay forever,
This is why I can't remain.  Chorus.

Oh Bessie Lou, Oh Bessie Lou, Bessie Lou,
Though we done a heap of dreamin',
This is why it won't come true:  Chorus.