I've Found a New Baby
Transcribed from McKinney’s Cotton Pickers, vocals by George Thomas; recorded 4/8/1929

I’ve found a new baby,
I’ve found a new girl,
My special sweet baby,
Got my brain in a whirl!

Oh, her new kind of lovin’,
Is all that I crave,
Her new turtle dovin’
Has simply made me her slave.
Oh, what a miss with a kiss full of bliss, ain’t she that, I vow!
She’s got a mean pair of eyes, tantalize me, and how!
I’ve found a new baby,
I just had to fall,
I’ve found a new baby,
She’s a new kind of baby, that’s all.


Alternate Version transcribed from vocals by Ethel Waters, recorded January 22, 1926.
Everybody look at me,
Happy girlie, you will see,
I’ve got someone nice, oh, gee!
Oh, joy, what bliss!
Just the treasure that I need,
Pure as gold and guaranteed,
Is he handsome? Yes, indeed!
Let me tell you this:
I found a new baby,
A sweet honey boy;
My fashion-plate baby
Has thrilled me with joy!
His new way of lovin’
Has made me his slave;
His sweet turtle dovin’
Is all that I crave!
Sweetest kiss, what a kiss, full of bliss, can’t resist, somehow!
Tells me lies, but he’s wise, naughty eyes mesmerize, I vow and how!
I don’t mean maybe,
I just had to fall;
I found a new baby,
A new baby, that’s all!