It's Magic Jule Styne, Sammy Cahn, Doris Day (#2 in 1948), Tony Martin,
Gordon McRae (#9 in 1948), Dick Haymes (#9 in 1948), Sarah Vaughan

You sigh, the song begins, you speak and I hear violins, It's Magic.
The stars desert the skies and rush to nestle in your eyes, It's Magic.
Without a golden wand or mystic charms
Fantastic things begin when I am in your arms

When we walk hand in hand the world becomes a wonderland, It's Magic
How else can I explain those rainbows when there is no rain, It's Magic
Why do I tell myself these things that happen are all really true
When in my heart I know the magic is my love for you.

Sammy Cahn: The song was written for Doris Day, then still unknown. Jule Styne and I brought her to the attention of Mike Curtiz at Warner's, who gave her her first important chance in the movies which catapulted her to stardom.  Another interesting fact about this song is that Jule Styne had played the melody for me for two years, and I kept passing it by because it had a slightly Spanish flavor.  Only after I had seen the script for Romance on the High Seas, and saw the song as a number for Doris Day and Jack Carson in a Latin nightclub scene, did the song come into focus for me and I was able to do the lyrics.