I Found A Million Dollar Baby Harry Warren (1931), Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians (#1 in 1931),
Bing Crosby (#2 in 1931), The Boswell Sisters (#3 in 1931), Barbra Streisand

It was a lovely April shower, It was a most convenient door,
I found a million dollar baby, In a five and ten cent store.
The rain continued for an hour, I hung around for three or four
Around the million dollar baby, In the five and ten cent store.
She was selling china, And when she made those eyes,
I kept buying china, Until the crowd got wise.
Incidentally, If you should run into a shower, Well step inside my cottage door,
And meet the million dollar baby, From the five and ten cent store

Love comes along like a popular song
Anytime or anywhere at all, Rain or sunshine, Spring or fall.
Say, you'll never know when it may say hello
In a very unexpected place, For example, take my case.

Notes:  introduced by Ted Healy, Fanny Brice, Phil Baker, and Lew Brice in Billy Rose's 1931 Stage musical "Crazy Quilt." Bing Crosby recorded it twice, once for Brunswick and once for Decca. It was featured in the 1941 Warner Brothers dramatic film "Million Dollar Baby," starring Ronald Reagan, and sung by Barbara Streisand, as Fanny Brice, and James Caan as Billy Rose, in the 1975 Musical Biography "Funny Lady," a sequel to Funny Girl from 1968.