Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter From Camp) 
Allan Sherman (#2 in 1963)

Hel-lo Mud-duh,    Hel-lo Fad-duh,
Here I am at      Camp Gra-na-da;
Camp is ver - y   en-ter-tain-ing,
and they say we'll have some fun
if it stops rain-ing.
I went hik-ing    with Joe Spi-vy,
He de-vel-oped    poi-son i-vy;
You re-mem-ber    Leo-nard Skin-ner?
He got pto-maine pois'-ning last night af-ter din-ner.
All the coun-s'lors,   hate the wait-ers,
And the lake has   al-li-ga-tors;
And the head-coach    wants no sis-sies,
so he reads to us from some-thing called U-ly-ses.
Now I don't want    this should scare ya,
But my bunk mate    has ma-lar-ia;
You re-mem-ber    Jeff-rey Hard-y?
They-re a - bout to or-gan-ize a search-ing par-ty.
Take    me    home, oh Mud-duh, Fad-duh
take    me    home, I hate Gra-na-da;
Don't leave me out in the for-est,
where I might get eat-en by a bear.
Take    me    home, I prom-ise I will
not make noise,  or mess the house with
oth  -   er  boys.
Oh please don't make me stay,
I've been here one whole day.
Dear-est Fad-duh,   dar-ling Mud-duh,
How's my pre-cious  lit-tle brud-duh?
Let me come home   if you miss me,
I would e-ven let Aunt Ber-tha hug and kiss me.
Wait a min-ute,    it stopped hail-ing,
Guys are swim-ming,   guys are sail-ing!
Play-ing base-ball,   gee, that's bet-ter,
Mud-duh, Fad-duh, kind-ly dis-re-gard this let-ter.

Words by Allan Sherman
Music by Lou Busch