Hello Dolly! Jerry Herman, Hello Dolly!, Louis Armstrong (#1 in 1964)

Hello, Dolly, well, hello, Dolly.
It’s so nice to have you back where you belong.
You’re looking swell, Dolly,
We can tell, Dolly,
you’re still glowin’, you’re still crowin’, you’re still goin’ strong.
We feel the room swayin - for the band’s playin
One of your old fav rite songs from way back when.
So, take her wrap, fellas,
Find her an empty lap
(or ‘vacant knee’), fellas.
Dolly’ll never go away again.
Dolly’ll never go away,
Dolly’ll never go away,
Dolly’ll never go away again.


Louis recorded this song with the All Stars in December 1963 before leaving for a tour in Europe.
While in England, he found out, the song had hit number one on the charts, replacing the
‘Beatles’ "She Loves You".  He also recorded the song in Paris in 1965.