Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ke Kali Nei Au) Andy Williams, Elvis Presley

This is the moment I've waited for.
I can hear my heart singing, soon bells will be ringing.
This is the moment of sweet "Aloha,"
I will love you longer than forever,
Promise me that you will leave me never.
Here and now, dear, all my love I vow, dear.
Promise me that you will leave me never,
I will love you longer than forever.
Now that we are one, clouds won't hide the sun.
Blue skies of Hawaii smile on this our wedding day.
I do love you with all my heart.

Charles E. King, Hawaiian politician and composer (he also wrote "Song of the Islands"), wrote the melody and original lyrics of this song in 1926.  He called it "Waiting for Thee," and it had no more to do with weddings than the melody that became "Anniversary Song" originally had to do with anniversaries - but it was heard so often at the alter that people made the connection anyway.  Al Hoffman and Dick Manning added a new title and lyrics in 1958, Andy Williams recorded the result and voila! a hit was born (peaked at #11 in 1958 by Williams).