Harrigan   George M. CohanIrish

Who is the man who will spend or will ev-en lend?  Har-ri-gan, that's me!
Who is your friend, when you find that you need a friend?  Harrigan, that's me!
For I'm just as proud of my name, you see,
As an Em-per-or, Czar or a King could be,
Who is the man helps a man ev-ry time he can?  Har-ri-gan, that's me!---

        H--A--double R--I--G--A--N spelss Har-ri-gan.
        Proud of all the I-rish blood that's in me,
        'Di-vil' a man can say a word a-gin' me.
        H--A--double R--I--GA--A--N you see,
        Is a name that a shame never has been con-nects with,
        Har-ri-gan, that's me!

Who is the man nev-er stood for a 'gad-a-bout?  Har-ri-gan, that's me!
Who is the man that the town's simp-ly mad a-bout?  Harrigan that's me!
Thy la-dies and ba-bies are fond of me,  I'm fond of the, too, in re-trun, you see.
Who is the gent that's de-serv-ing a mon-u-ment?  Harrigan, that's me!