The Galway Piper   Irish

Ev'ry person in the nation or of great or humble station
Holds in highest estimation Piping Tim of Galway.
Loudly he can play or low.
He can move you fast or slow.
Touch your hearts or stir your toe,
Piping Tim of Galway.

When the wedding bells are ringing
His the breath to lead the singing,
When in jigs the folks go spinning.
What a splendid piper!
He will blow from eve to morn,
Counting sleep a thing of scorn.
Old is he but not outworn,
Knowing you such a piper?

When he walks the highway pealing,
Round his head the birds come wheeling.
Tim has carols worth the stealing,
Piping Tim of Galway.
Thrush and linnet, finch and lark,
To each other twitter "Hark!"
Soon they sing from light to dark
Pipings learnt in Galway.