Growin' Boy Alan Menken and Howard Ashman (from Babe and unpublished musical about Babe Ruth

He's just a growin' boy, a lamb gone astray
He needs a little feed to help him find his way
It takes a lot of nutrition to feed a growin' boy

Yes he's a growin' boy, an underfed pup
But momma's got the recipe to fatten him up
I'll get him into condition
'Cause he's my growin boy

He'll try my pecan pie
Brandied and candied yams
And when he reaches for my peaches
I'll say "eat 'em up" down to the pit
They'll  help you hit them grand slams

Now try my biscuits please
My crown roast of pork
Down there with my eclair
I swear you won't need a fork
Dive in you got my permission
'Cause you're a growin' boy


Warm up those cornish hens
Light meat and the dark
You know I'll serve 'em you deserve 'em with a cherry sauce
Then watch my Babe hit one out of the park

You'll crave my plump rump roast
The breast of my veal
The more you'll see my frickasee the better you'll feel
It's just a family tradition
And my how you'll enjoy

You know my papa begs for turkey legs and kegs of beer
And how I wanna have him break his own home record this year
Come on step into my kitchen
You're now in my employ

Now step into position to feed your growin' boy

      oh I love when you do that
To feed your growin' boy