Green Green The New Christie Minstrels (#14 in 1963)

    Green, green, it’s green, they say
    On the far side of the hill.
    Green, green I’m going away to where
    The grass is greener still.

Well I don’t care when the sun goes down,
Where I lay my weary head.
A green, green valley or a rocky road,
That’s where I’m going to lay my head.

(Sing it now:)   Chorus
And I don’t give a hoot about a green back dollar,
Spend it fast as I can,
Cause when its gone, and the good days long,
Thats the only thing that I understand
Hoo boy, The only thing that I understand.
Well I told my mama on the day I was born
Don’t ya cry when you see I’m gone,
You know there ain’t nobody gonna
Settle me down, I just gotta be
Travelling on. Hear me singing.