Goody Goody  Johnny Mercer, Benny Goodman (#1 in 1936), Freddy Martin (#5 in 1936), Bob Crosby (#7 in 1936),
Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers (#20 in 1957)

So you met someone who set you back on your heals - goody, goody
You met someone and now you know how it feels - goody, goody
You gave her your heart too
Just as I gave mine to you
And she broke it in little pieces
Now how do you do
You lie awake just singing the blues all night - goody, goody
And you think that loves a barrel of dynamite
Hooray and hallelujah
You had it coming to y'a
Goody goody for her, goody goody for me
I hope your satisfied you rascal you

Johnny Mercer reportedly got the idea for this double-word title from the menu of a Chinese restaurant and then stashed it away with other notes in a bureau drawer under some shirts.  Several years later he rediscovered it and voila! or "ah-so!".  Helen Ward remembers that she pleaded with Benny Goodman, "Please don't make me sing that damn song!"  Benny Goodman persisted and it became one of their biggest hits.