Carioca Vincent Youmans, Gus Kahn (written 1933), Enric Madriguera (#1 in 1934),
Harry Sosnik (#2 in 1934), Castillian Troubadors (#4 in 1934)

Say! Have you seen the Carioca?  It's not a foxtrot or a polka,
It has a little bit of new rhythm, a blue rhythm that sighs.
It has a metre that is tricky, a bit of wicked, wackiwicky,
But when you dance it, with a new love,
There'll be true love in her eyes.

    You'll dream of the new Carioca, it's theme is a kiss and a sigh
    You'll dream of the new carioca, When music and lights are gone and we're saying "Goodbye".

    Two heads together, they say, are better than one.
    Two heads together, that's how the dance is begun;
    Two arms around you and lips that sigh, "I am yours and your are mine."
    While the Carioca carries you away.
    Mine, while, we Carioca till the break of day, and you are mine.

Now that you've done the Carioca, You'll never care to do the polka.
And then you realize the blue hula and bamboola are through.
Tomorrow morning you'll discover, you're just a Carioca lover;
And when you dance it, with each new love,
There'll be true love just for you.   Chorus

This number was danced by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in their first movie as a team, Flying Down to Rio.