Bubbles In the Wine   Frank Loesser, Lawrence Welk's Theme Song

My heart gets a little gay,
Like Bubbles in the Wine, everytime I dance with you.
Your arms, take me far away
Like Bubbles in the Wine, Just as if I'd had a few.

Oh, maybe that's that soon, or maybe it's that tune,
Playing as we gently sway
Or maybe it's the fact that I Love You
Can't really say, how I get this way.

My heart whispers a refrain,
Like Bubbles in the Wine, Ev'rytime you're close to me.
I needn't drink Champagne, a feeling quite insane
Lights me up and sets me free.

Some day I may lose you, but no matter how fate may go apart or together,
When I think of tonight, I know I'll hear in this heart of mine,
Music like pretty Bubbles in the Wine.