Bidin' My Time  
George Gershwin, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, Mitch Miller, 'Nat King' Cole, Crazy For You, Foursome (#9 in 1931)

I'm Bidin' My Time;
'Cause that's the kind-a guy I'm.
While other folks grow dizzy,
I keep busy Bidin' My Time.

Next year, next year,
Somethin's bound to happen;
This year, this year,
I'll just keep on nappin' and
Bidin' my time.
'Cause that's the kinda-a guy I'm
There's no regrettin'
When I'm settin'
Bidin' My Time.

I'm Bidin' My Time;
'Cause that's the kind-a guy I'm
Beginnin' on a Monday,
Right through Sunday, Bidin' My Time.

Give me, give me
Glass that's full of tinkle,
Let me, let me
Dream like Rip Van Winkle,
He bided his time.
And like that Winkle guy
I'm chasin' 'way flies,
How the day flies,
Bidin' My Time.