Baia  Original key - F  Lower key - Eb  Even lower key - D
Bing Crosby (#6 in 1945), Alan Paul

Oh! Baia-yah
When twilight is deep in the sky,
Baia-yah! Someone that I long to see
Keeps haunting my reverie,
And so the loneliness deep in my heart
Calls to you, calls to you

I live in the mem'ry of many dreams ago
When the stars were bright and you were mine alone.
My love for you cannot die though the oceans run dry
Or heavens fall from the sky. Now you're gone!

Baia, can't you hear my lonely call?
Morena, make my life complete again!
How I pray for the day when I'll see your smile
And my heart will be again.

(Pronounced Ba-ee-yah)