Another Saturday Night   Sam Cooke (#10 in 1963), Cat Stevens (#6 in 1974)

    Another Saturday Night and I ain’t got nobody,
    I have some money `cause I just got paid.
    How I wish I had someone to talk to,
    I’m in an awful way.

I blew in town I week ago, I ain’t seen a lotta girls since then.
If I could find `em I could get `em, but as yet I haven’t met `em,
That’s why I’m in the shape I’m in      Ohh
Another fella told me, he had a sister that looked so fine.
Instead of being my deliverance, she had a strong resemblance to a
Cat named Frankenstein     Ohh
It’s hard for a fella, when he don’t know his way around,
If I can’t find me a honey to help me spend my money,
I’m gonna have to blow this town      Ohh