All Right Now Free (#4 in 1970)

Oh whoa oh Ow
There she stood in the street
Smiling from her head to her feet,
I said „A-hey, what is this?“
Now baby maybe, maybe sheґs in need of a kiss.
I said A-hey, whatґs your name, baby,
Maybe we can see things the same.
Now donґt you wait or hesitate,
Letґs move before they raise the parking rate.  Ow

    All right now baby, itґs all right now,
    All right now baby, itґs all right now

Let me tell you now
Mm mmm
I took her home to my place
Watching every move on her face,
She said „Look, whatґs your game baby
Are you tryinґto put me in shame?“
I said „slow, donґt go so fast,
Donґt you think that love can last?“
She said „Love, Lord above, uh
Now youґre gonna trick me in love.“

Don't you know, right

Chorus 3x