A Wonderful Day Like Today Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd

The second I saw it I knew, I said to myself, "A-ha!"
I could tell at a glance that it wasn't by chance
That we happen to be where we are.
From the moment I woke with the lark,
We were both of us singing away.
And the sky was so blue, I instinctively knew
We were in for a wonderful day.
As I came through the door, As I told you before
I was terribly tempted to say:
On a wonderful day like today I defy any cloud to appear in the sky.
Dare any raindrop to plop in my eye on A Wonderful Day Like Today
On a wonderful morning like this
When the sun is as big as a yellow balloon.
Even the sparrows are singing in tune,
On a Wonderful Day like Today!
On a morning like this I could kiss everybody
I'm so full of love and goodwill
Let me say furthermore I'd adore everybody to come and dine,
The pleasure's mine, And I will pay the bill.
May I take this occasion to say
That the whole human race should go down on its knees,
Show that we're grateful for mornings like these,
For the world's in a wonderful way,
On A Wonderful Day Like Today!