Scenes From An Italian Restaurant                                          Billy Joel


F                                    Gm/F                         C/F                                     Bb/F   F

A bottle of white, a bottle of red / Perhaps a bottle of rose instead

C                                    C/Bb                         F/A                      Bb        C            Gm              C  Gm                        C

We'll get a table near the street / In our old familiar place / You and I, face to face, mmmm...


F                                    Gm/F                         C/F                                     Bb/F   F

A bottle of red, a bottle of white / It all depends upon your appetite

G                           Am   G/B           C                                   Dm   C/E          F

I'll meet you any time you want / In our Italian   Restaurant.


Interlude:   F     Gm/F      CM7    FM7    BbM7      CM7    FM7    BbM7    EbM7   AbM7   EbM7     AbM7  D9sus   D   D9sus    D


G                                             D                                 Dm                            G7 (no 3rd)

Things are okay with me these days / Got a good job, got a good office

C7                              F7                                               D7sus       G/D       D

Got a new wife, got a new life / And the family's fine

G                             D                   Dm                                G7 (no 3rd)

We lost touch long ago / You lost weight I did not know

C7                                         F7                                       D7                          G/D     D

That you would ever look so good after / So much time.

                       Eb                                                          Bb                                     F

Do you remember those days hanging out / At the village green

Eb                                                Bb                                             F                                           Eb                                             Bb                                     F

Engineer boots, leather jackets / And tight blue jeans / You drop a dime in the box play a song about New Orleans

Eb                    Bb                   C                           D9                            G

Cold beer, hot lights / My sweet romantic teenage nights


Interlude:   G     GM7 / G7   /   C   F  /   Am   D7  /  G   GM7  /    G7       /  C   F   /   Am  /  D     /    D

Boogie:      G


G     F                C/E           D        G          F             C/E              D

   Woh     Woh     Woh           Woh     Woh      Woh

G                                                                                                                       D                                                                      C

Brenda and Eddie were the / Popular steadys / And the king and the queen / Of the prom

C                                                 G/B                                           C

Riding around with the car top / Down and the radio on.

G                                         D        C                     G                                           C     

Nobody looked any finer  /  Or was more of a hit at the / Parkway Diner

G                                                      F                                                        E     E/F#    E/G#

We never knew we could want more than that out of life

                Am                         G/B                         C                     C/D                 G            F        C/E         D            G           F      C/E      D

Surely Brenda and Eddie would / Always know how to survive.  / Woh    Woh   Woh   Woh   Woh  Woh


G                                                                                                         D                                                                      C

Brenda and Eddy were still going steady in the summer of '75 / when they decided the marriage would / Be at the end of July

Everyone said they were crazy / "Brenda you know you're much too lazy

Eddie could never afford to live that Kind of life." / But there we were wavin' Brenda and Eddie goodbye.


They got an apartment with deep Pile carpet / And a couple of paintings from Sears

A big waterbed that they bought With the bread / They had saved for a couple of years

They started to fight when the money got tight / And they just didn't count on the tears.


They lived for a while in a Very nice style / But it's always the same in the end

They got a divorce as a matter of course / And they parted the closest of friends

Then the king and the queen went back to the green / But you can never go back there again.


Brenda and Eddie had had it already by the summer of '75

From the high to the low to the end of the show

For the rest of their lives

They couldn't go back to the greasers

The best they could do was pick up the pieces

We always knew they would both find a way to get by

That's all I heard about Brenda nd Eddie

Can't tell you more than I told you already

And here we are wavin' Brenda and Eddie goodbye.


A bottle of red, a bottle of white

Whatever kind of mood you're in tonight

I'll meet you anytime you want

In our Italian Restaurant