Sweet Rosie O'Grady   Irish

Just down around the corner of the street where I reside,
There lives the cutest little girl that I have ever spied;
Her name is Rosie O'Grady and, I don't mind telling you,
That she's the sweetest little Rose the graden ever grew.

    Sweet Rosie O'Grady
    My dear little rose,
    She's my steady lady,
    Most ev'ryone knows,
    And when we are married,
    How happy we'll be,
    I love Sweet Rosie O'Grady,
    And Rosie O'Grady loves me.

I never shall forget the day she promised to be mine.
As we sat telling love tales, in the golden summertime.
'Twas on her finger that I placed a small engagement ring,
While in the trees, the little birds this song they seemed to sing!