Barry Manilow (#9 in 1979)

We walked to the sea
Just my father and me
And the dogs played around on the sand
Winter cold cut the air
Hangin' still everywhere
Dressed in gray, did he say
Hold my hand
I said, love's easier when it's far away
We sat and watched a distant light
    We're two ships that pass in the night
    We both smile and we say it's alright
    We're still here
    It's just that we're out of sight
    Like those ships that pass in the night

There's a boat on the line
Where the sea meets the sky
There's another that rides far behind
And it seems you and I are like strangers
A wide ways apart as we drift on through time
He said, it's harder now, we're far away
We only read you when you write
  Chorus  2x