Lida Rose / Will I Ever Tell You? Meredith Wilson, The Music Man


Lida Rose, I'm home again, Rose
To get the sun back in the sky
Lida Rose, I'm home again, Rose
About a thousand kisses shy

Ding dong ding
I can hear the chapel bell chime
Ding dong ding
At the least suggestion
I'll pop the question

Lida Rose, I'm home again, Rose
Without a sweetheart to my name
Lida Rose, how everyone knows
That I am hoping you're the same

So here is my love song
Not fancy or fine
Lida Rose, oh won't you be....
Mine, Lida Rose, oh Lida Rose,
Oh Lida Rose...


Dream of now
Dream of then
Dream of a love song
That might have been

Do I love you?
Oh yes, I love you
And I'll bravely tell you
But only when we dream again

Sweet and low
Sweet and low
How sweet that mem'ry
How long ago
Oh yes, forever
Will I ever tell you?
Oh no.

BARBERSHOP QUARTET and MARIAN overlap and repeat