Let's Misbehave 
Cole Porter

You could have a great career, and you should.
Only one thing stops you, dear, You're too good.
If you want a future, darling, why don't you get a past?
'Cause that fatal moment's comin', at last.

We're all alone, no chaperone can get our number,
The world's in slumber, Let's misbehave!
There's something wild, about you child, that's so contagious,
Let's be outrageous, Let's misbehave!
When Adam won Eve's hand, he wouldn't stand for teasin';
He didn't care about those apples out of season.
They say that Spring means just one thing to little lovebirds;
We're not above birds, Let's misbehave.

It's getting late, and while I wait, My poor heart aches on,
Why keep the brakes on? Let's misbehave!
I feel quite sure,  Un-peu-d'amour would be attractive,
While we're still active, Let's misbehave.
You know my heart is true, and you say, you for me care;
Somebody's sure to tell, but what the hell do we care?
They say that bears have love affairs, and even camels.
We're merely mammels, Let's misbehave.