I Gotta Crow Mark Charlap, Carolyn Leigh

Conceited? Not me!
It’s just that I am what I am, and I’m me!
When I look at myself, and I see in myself
All the wonderful things that I see
If I’m pleased with myself
I have every good reason to be!
I gotta crow!
I’m just the cleverest fellow twas ever my fortune to know
I taught a trick to my shadow to stick to the tip of my toe, I gotta crow!
I gotta brag
I think it’s sweet to have fingers and feet, I can wiggle and wag
I can climb trees and play tag with the breeze in the meadows below
I gotta crow!
If I was a very ordinary every-day thing
I’d never be heard
Cock-a-doodling round like a bird
So, naturally
When I discover the cleverness of a remarkable me
How can I hide it when deep down inside it just tickles me so
That I gotta let go and crow!