Chicken Dance 

Do you wanna feel good,
Wanna laugh and play? (Let's laugh and play)
Wanna have some fun, throw your blues away (Your blues away)
Are you feelin' sad?
Got a problem? Here's a cure. (We got the cure)
Do the chicken dance
Make you happy for sure.

    Reach out your arms and swing your partner.
    Make like a bird and try to fly.
    Come on out there you hens and rooster.
    Just hook your arms now, and don't be shy.

Hey, you're in the swing.
You're cluckin' like a bird (pluck, pluck, pluck, pluck)
You're flappin' your wings.
Don't you feel absurd. (No, no, no)
It's a chicken dance,
Like a rooster and a hen (Ya, ya, ya, ya)
Flappy chicken dance;
Let's do it again.

    Relax and let the music move you.
    Let all your inhibitions go.
    Just watch your parner whirl around you.
    We're havin' fun now; I told you so.

Now you're flappin' like a bird
And you're wigglin' too (I like that move.)
You're without a care.
It's a dance for you (Just made for you)
Keep doin' what you do
Don't you cop out now (Don't cop out now)
Gets better as you dance;
Catch your breath somehow.
             Repeat first chorus.

Now we're almost through.
Really flyin' high (Bye, bye, bye, bye)
All you chickens and birds.
Time to say goodbye (To say goodbye)
Goin' back to the nest,
But the flyin' was fun (oh, it was fun)
Chicken dance was the best,
But the dance is done.