Carolina Moon 
Word and Music: Benny Davis and Joe Burke (1928), Perry Como

The moon was shining bright in Carolina,
The night we said goodbye so tenderly,
And now that I'm away from Carolina,
Won't somebody tell the moon for me, Oh!

    Carolina Moon keep shining,
    Shining on the one who waits for me.
    Carolina Moon I'm pining,
    Pining for the place I long to be.
    How I'm hoping tonight you'll go,
    Go to the right window, scattering your light,
    Say I'm all right, please do.
    Tell her that I'm blue and lonely,
    Dreamy Carolina Moon.

Last night I had a dream of Carolina.
I dreamed that I was back there once again,
The moon was shinging bright in Carolina,
Shining on the same winding lane, Oh!   

This song never charted on the Hit Parade.