Black Velvet Band Irish Rovers

A tragic song about Van Dieman's Land named after the Dutchman who discovered it.  Many people were transported there by the British often for petty crimes causing life-long misery for families and lovers.

    Her eyes they shone like the diamonds
    You'd think she was queen of the land
    And her hair hung over her shoulder
    Tied up with a black velvet band.

Well, in a neat little town they call Belfast, apprentice to trade I was bound
Many an hours sweet happiness, have I spent in that neat little town
A sad misfortune came over me, which forced me to stray from the land
Faraway from my friends and relations, betrayed by a black velvet band

I took a stroll down Broadway, meaning not long for to stay
When who should I meet but this pretty fair maid comes a tripping along the highway
She was both fair and handsome, her neck it was just like a swans
And her hair it hung over her shoulder, tied up with a black velvet band

I took a stroll with this pretty fair maid, when a gentleman's passing us by
Well I knew she meant the doing of him, by the look in her rougish black eye
A goldwatch she took from his pocket and placed it right in to my hand
And the very first thing that I said was bad luck to your black velvet band

Before thejudge and the jury, next morning I had to appear
The judge he says to me: Young man, your case it is proven clear
I'll give you seven years penal servitude, to be spent faraway from the land
Far away from your friends and companions, betrayed by the black velvet band

So come all ye jolly young fellows a warning take by me
When you are out on the town me lads, beware of them pretty colleens
For they feed you with strong drink, "Oh yeah", 'til you are unable to stand
And the very next thing that you'll know you're landed in Van Diemens land