Anna   From the 1951 movie "Anna"

There's a girl who the boys all agree
Is a girl ev'ry guy ought to see.
Take a look, take a look and you'll find
That you can't get her out of your mind.

Who can say what it is that she's got,
Makes you think that it's spring when it's not.
Take a look, take a look and you'll say,
"What a day! What a day! What a day!"

Anna's got that certain something that tops the list,
The kind of lips you'll never resist,
They've got to be kissed,
They've got to be kissed, right away!

Whenever Anna's around, you'll hear a sorrowful sound,
That sound that hearts are makin' when they break in two.
The fellas look and they fall, but she can't help it at all,
It's just as nat'ral as the sky is when it's blue.

Anna smiles and all the world is a rosy mist,
And soon your heart'll start to insist.
She's got to be kissed,
She's got to be kissed right away!

Music, words by Vatro Roman, F. Giordano
English words by William Engvick

Taken from a 1951 Italian drama starring Silvana Magnano and Raf Vallone. "Anna" was one of the earliest foreign films to enjoy much success in the U.S.--due in large part to Magnano's sensuality and the more open treatment of sexuality than accepted in contemporary American films. Magnano plays a nun who meets two former lovers when one shoots the other in her hospital. She flashes back to her life as a dancer in a smoky nightclub while nursing one back to health, but decides to stick with the spiritual life. The ending obviously helped make the sex palatable to the American audiences. The song had greater longevity than the film: into the late 1960s, even Herb Alpert and the Bob Crewe Generation included "Anna" covers next to more contemporary hits like "Sunny" and "Music to Watch Girls By." A light and bouncing tune, it fit right in there alongside "The Third Man Theme," and the two songs can be found on many of the same compilations.