Top Ten Party Favors, Tools and Toys Kevin brings with him:

1. If he's just playing piano, he just brings himself and his brain, Brain in a Jar and his extemporaneous repertoire of thousands of songs.


2. If he's playing for a real fancy occassion, he wears a tux!

3. If he's singing, he brings his laptop computer that contains
the lyrics to thousands of songs (found on this website).

4. Kevin's top-of-the-line Kurzweil Synthesizer not only sounds and plays as great as the best pianos,
it is good for fanfares and special effects for your company's presentations.  Ta-da!

Microphone! He should probably remember to bring the microphone!

5. If he's leading a sing-a-long, he brings his projector to
display the lyrics on the wall for everyone to see!

6. When he accompanies silent movies, he brings the projector
film effect
   for his laptop with a healthy dose of Buster Keaton!

He also needs his miscellaneous box of bells , whistles
 Whistle        and sound effects.

7. Anybody wanna Polka?
 Yes, he plays ACCORDION!
8. Kevin plays blues harmonica!  

9. Say it isn't so!
Tip-toe thru the Tulips on his Ukelele!

10. Pull out the toy box!  For the right songs, we have Tamborine, feather boas, hats, wigs,  and Jimmy Buffet songs!